How to write a research?

– briefly provides essential information about the second text

– is based on an efficient reading process: fast, demanding first reading and an in-depth reading (tags are important)

– attaches to the header text title and notices the information for possible intermediate headers

– Opens information about images and captions that already tighten up the story within the text

– often starts with a mind map

– is linguistically autonomous, written in his own words – with full sentences, sharing the song

– is in line with the original text

– gives an objective picture, so does not include the rapporteur’s own opinions or comments (a different kind of comment could be a commentary in which the rapporteur’s comment is clearly visible)

– guides you with a clear reference to give a basic presentation, such as:

Researcher Maija Man writes in Hammer News on June 16, 2002 about the deepest essence under the headline Höppääkö? Mani’s article is accompanied by a cartoon drawn by Mikko Naikkonen: it speaks more than -.

– Organize things independently without slavery in the structure of the base text

– remove descriptive details, text runners

– Raise the tip of the fist: shorten to about a third

– also summarizes the means of writing, such as punctuation and sentence phrases

– most often requires a suitable distance from the author; Essential appears from afar!

Good essay answer

– responds to what is asked, does not spoil with extra information

– usually does not require a title, just a task number

– requires a moment’s planning

– take a number of perspectives; as a rule of thumb: look for the 3–6 key perspectives with the help of a mind map

– parse perspectives on different types of writing

– Defines, schedules, justifies, looks for causes and consequences, describes

– written in a clear handwriting on a well-readable large-screen paper with space for teacher margin marks (see handwriting pattern).

Good email

An e-mail is a short speech, which is usually meant to take only one thing on the way.

Good message

• notice the meaning of the title; the title must be informative, referring to its main subject

• go directly to the topic, eg “three answers to your family tree questions”

• Reflects courtesy, the person receiving the message.

Courtesy – a few small gestures

We miss good habits in e-mail even though they take time and space. Man is also a human being behind electronic and impersonal messages. A good letter responds, acknowledges, thanks, talks and greets, decides or times the message kindly.

Clear layout, paragraph splitting, line spacing and possible numbering are important. The so-called “extra poisoning” usually weakens the message’s messaging. On the other hand, poetic-oriented searches seek effective and memorable short expressions. Pooh is a dense species.

How do we evaluate spelling requirements? For example, many spammers have abandoned capital letters, punctuation, and connection rules to quickly pass electronic speech. If the message is longer than a few words, we find that intelligibility usually requires the use of standards. “Pekka and Nalli and Kipa come to the party and whether they are in Varkaus or in the mouth of the river”. Flatness does not support the understanding of the matter. But not fireworks and pictures.

Looks, gestures, weights

The so-called non-verbal communication is in a new light in electronic communications. It has been claimed that most, up to 90% of the content of the message, is transmitted through expressions, gestures, voices. The character language of the human emotion region seeks its forms in electronic communication; Images can be replaced by pictures, emoticons. Often mention is made of softening the word when describing the function of the smileys. There is also a character set for humor and laughter. And maybe we have to learn emoticon in addition to traditional native language!

Netiquette controls

Electronic communication has thus opened up a new and new way of creating a communication field. The mother tongue textbooks are hardly always the case when meaning and sign (semantics, semiotics, graphics), ethics, technology are created in the new media. To control this all has come a good new word netiquette. When you enter that word into your search server, you will find widening tips – you are a high-end Internet consumer.

for reflection:

What does netiquette mean? The word includes polysemia, multifacetedness, meaning loss.

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