How to write a good article?

Your own vision and main claim has been thought out before writing. The most rewarding thing to do is to read texts that notice that the author really wants to take a stand on the matter. In this case, the opinion successfully generates or continues the discussion. Writing literacy and the need for saying will always attract the reader.


– take into account the audience / reader and the publication channel and time

– Rises up thanks to the nascent headline *.

– It goes a long way, because the text must fit into a small space

– Consistently progresses

– Bring the grievance or thank you, gladly it does both

– Bring the main point of view into one sentence and justify it

– clearly divided into paragraphs

– Use existing knowledge, provide new information, assure references

– Make a constructive proposal or suggestions

– Anticipates the objections

– Do not thirst, but emphasize the issue with a good structure and powerful language images

– shows the name of the author (at least when referring to other names) or a valid nickname

– Remember the instructions of the right language.

* The title is the title tag of the audience compilation that collects its readers. Rule of thumb for the author of the title: You only have three words that you need to take the reader to your point. Each word must be well thought out, informative. On the other hand, sometimes an informative, funny or enigmatic title stops.


Often opinion is the answer to the second speech. In the magazine column, the respondent must clearly guide the reader to the subject and refer to the script to understand the answer without reading the second text.


On February 5, 2005, the name “Old Customer” in Hymylän Sanomat writes about customer feedback. She has been pained to fill out the forms and asks if Customer Feedback could not be prepared freely.

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