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The concepts of sentence and sentence should be repeated in the upper secondary school. Punctuation is easy to adopt when different sentence types are distinguished.

You can use the text links in your textbooks, or use the link above to get the Abitreenit training program, to read the definitions of the main and page phrases and sentence responses. By reading the speech text of this program titled Absence Sign, you will also get a dose of punctuation and phrase information from young boys who influenced the grammar lesson by ‘absent’.

Answers come from

• Identifying a predicate member (personality)

• Phrase hierarchy: the main phrase in the hierarchy, the main message

• parable of sentences: it is important to repeat the equation (and, and…)

• Subordination of sentences: repetition of subjection conjunctions (that, to…)

• sentence responses

• comma within sentences

• a comma between sentences.

The punctuation is meant to cut text into the appropriate pieces for the reader. A large or small punctuation mark gives the reader a melting break. It is good to vary the length of the sentences. The short headline text feels like a squeak; the long sentences, on the other hand, mislead the reader and often the author himself.

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After you have written one of the main phrases, observe the number of surrounding phrases. The rule of thumb is the chain of three sentences: one main phrase and only two side sentences. In a longer expression, the idea may be misleading; the logic of structures is not always controlled. For example, congruence or rectal errors occur.

The congress: parts adapt to each other. The letters jump.

Rectification: The word requires another word in a specific form. I like you. I love you.

Whole text should be cut into pieces or pieces. In this way, the reader perceives different perspectives on the matter under consideration. The length of the tracks may have a similar variation as the length of the sentences. Leaf and mesh text is composed of very short pieces, the text may contain slightly longer pieces.

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